Account Registration and Rewards

This section describes account registration.
In order to earn points, you must first register for an account.

To register an account

Click on the doll icon in the upper right corner of the site, or click on the REWARS tab in the lower right corner, then click on
Follow the instructions on each screen to open the account creation screen.
Fill in the required fields to create an account.
The name required for this is the name you use on our website, so you do not need to enter your real name.
It will be your account name, so there is no problem to give it appropriately.
*The name will be used for review submissions, etc. You can change the name later.

How do I check or change my account name?

After logging in, click on the doll icon at the top of the site to access My Page.

Click [Edit] next to the account name displayed in My Page to go to the Edit Profile page.
You can also set your profile image to be used for reviews, etc.

You are now ready to earn points (COMBO).
Next to points(COMBO)The next section describes how to earn points (combos).

About the Rewards System

This section explains the reward system, which is not so familiar in Japan.

Simply put, rewards are a point reward system in which points are earned for various actions.
It is not a point reward system based on the amount of purchase, which is the major system in Japan.
Rewards can also be earned by following on social networking services, reviewing purchased products, and so on.

How to earn points

Access the Rewards page.

Each of them will be explained.

Create account
After creating an account, you can earn points by verifying the email associated with your account.

Enter your Birthday
You can earn 100combo on your birthday by entering your birthday in the form below the popup that opens when you click on the "Enter your Birthday" item.

Place Order
Earn 1 combo for every 100 yen you spend on an item.

Follow on Instagram
Click to follow us on Instagram to earn 10 combo.
before creating an account.You can earn by clicking even if you are already following us.

Newsletter Subscribe
Earn 20combo by subscribing to our newsletter to your registered email address.
We plan to distribute special coupons and sale information about 4 times a year.

Leave review
You can earn 3combo by writing a review of a product you have purchased or a review of our website.
You can earn 5 combos if you include a photo.
You can check the list of reviews and reviews on the site from the review page.

Follow on Twitter
Click to follow us on Twitter to earn 10combo.
Even if you are already following us before creating your account, you can still earn by clicking on the link.

How to use points

Points can be redeemed for coupon codes.
Check the Rewards page.

Points expire one year after the last point (COMBO) earned.

About Tier

Tiers are raised by accumulating points (COMBO).
From the tier after SilverIncreased point earning multiplieris available.
The points required for tiering are cumulative points earned, so redeeming a coupon code has no effect.

That is all.
If you have any questions or problems with your account or rewards, please contact us at
If you have any questions or problems with your account or rewards, please feel free to contact us through our contact form.