PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Functional Description

PS4+ Audio Fighting Board Features

  • Multi-console support ( PS3 / PS4 / PC / Nintendo Switch )
  • PS43.4mm jack audio support
  • PS4 8 minute timeout issue resolved
  • XInput support
  • Automatic detection of game consoles
  • SOCD cleaner support
  • Continuous fire function support
  • Firmware upgradeable via USB

Joystick lever, touchpad, emulate function

Pressing the corresponding button for 3 seconds toggles between LS, RS, and DP modes.

 Pressing the touch pad key button operates as a touch pad compatible function.

Manual selection for game console connection

The PS4+ Audio Fighting Board can automatically connect to PS4 and PS3.
Wii U / Switchcan be connected manuallySupported.
PC isXInputmode.

Manual Selection Connection Method

When connecting USB, press and hold the corresponding button.

  • LP: PS3
  • MP: PS4
  • HP: PS4XInput
  • LK: for Wii U - Pokken Tournament and Switch

Nintendo Switch Connection

  1. While holding down the Weak K button, connect the Nintendo Switch.

  2. Nintendo SwitchSelect the controller settings for the Joy-Cons already connected to the Nintendo Switch.

  3. Change the way/order in which you hold them.Select
  4. When pairing is complete, the connected symbol of the controller with built-in Universal Fighting Board will appear.