Firmware Update for Brook Fighting Board Series

This time, we would like to inform you about the Firmware Update of Brook Fighting Board series.
I would like to describe about the Firmware Update of the Brook Fighting Board series.

First, download the firmware of the Brook Fighting Board series you wish to update from Brook's official website.

After downloading the target ZIP file, unzip it to a folder of your choice.
As an example, we would like to update Universal Fighting Board.

Launch the target ".exe" application file.

Start the application and wait for a while.

Now press the PS and SHARE buttons and connect the USB cable to the PC.

This time, we will use ZERO ONE to update the software.Previous blog post In the array created in the previous blog post, the target buttons are the two buttons in the upper right corner.

If the connection is successful, theRed "START" buttonis displayed.
START" buttonto start the update.
If you unplug the USB cable during the update, the device will malfunction and become unusable in the worst case.

When the update starts, you will see a faint Brook logo.

Wait for this to gradually turn into a rainbow color.

FinallyGreen check markappears andRed "FINISH" buttonappears, Firmware Update is complete.
FINISH" buttonClick the "FINISH" button to complete.

About ZERO-Pi

The buttons to press for USB connection are the weak K button and the option button.
Note that this is also displayed when you start the Update application.

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