Brook PS3/PS4 Plus Fighting Board Plus Feature Description

Brook PS3/PS4 Plus Fighting Board Plus Features

The Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Plus is a PS3, PS4, PCXInputThe Fighting Board Plus is compatible with PS3, PS4, and PC XInput. You can play all kinds of fighting games at their best.

Joystick lever, touchpad, and emulation functions

Pressing the corresponding button for 3 seconds toggles between LS, RS, and DP modes.

 Pressing the touch pad key button operates as a touch pad compatible function.

Manual selection for game console connection

Brook Universal Fighting Board automatically selects PS4, PS3, PCXInputThe board can be automatically connected to the PS4, PS3, PC XInput
PCs can be connected toXInputmode.

Manual Selection Connection Method

When connecting USB, press and hold the corresponding button.

  • LP: PS3
  • MP: PS4
  • HP: PS4XInput