Custom Parts Set for Sanwa JLF Lever JL-C-ALL Installation Instructions

In this issue, I would like to describe how to install the JL-C-ALL custom parts set for Sanwa JLF levers.

Custom Parts Set JL-C-ALL for Sanwa JLF Lever Set Contents

It is packaged in this way. We will first explain each part.

5 types of main guides

  1. Clear: Square guide: Same as standard product
    Easier to remove than the standard product.
    It is easier to customize to a 4-way lever.
  2. Purple: Round guide
    In the days when square guides were not yet available, the
    This round guide is reminiscent of the old lever style when square guides were not yet available.
  3. Yellow: Octagonal guide: Same as Octagonal guide GT-Y
    Octagonal guide provides clear input in 8 directions.
  4. Red: Special square guide with protrusions in 8 places
    Seimitsu Kogyo's guide with an input feel similar to the NOBI-STD lever.
    The depression makes the input in 8 directions clear like an octagonal guide, while
    The diagonal input is similar to that of a normal square guide.
  5. Blue: Blue: A guide with gentle indentations in two places.
    Use when you want to input horizontal or vertical direction securely.
    For horizontal direction, it can be used to prevent accidental jumps in 2D fighting games, etc.

P.S. pipe actuator

  1. Black: Same as standard product
    Switch push area: approx. 15.8 mm, guide area: approx. 10.7 mm
  2. White: JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK: Same as quiet lever
    16.2mm at the switch push portion, 10.8mm at the guide portion, slightly thicker
  3. Blue: Actuator: Slightly thicker
    Approx. 16.45mm at switch push, approx. 11.4mm at guide contact, slightly thicker
    The input sensation changes from here in an easy-to-understand manner.
  4. Red: Thick actuator
    Approx. 16.7mm at switch push, approx. 12.0mm at guide contact, slightly thicker
    The guide contact area is the same as the 12mm of the OTTO Series, but
    The guide is similar to the 12mm of the OTTO Series, but the switch presser is wider.
    The switch presser is wider than the 12mm of the OTTO Series, which makes it more difficult for the switch to slide out at an angle.

Spring, spring

The standard silver spring of Sanwa Denshi JLF-TP-8YTSeries is listed as 1.
  1. Purple: short and soft
    Load at the beginning of joystick toppling1
    Load at full joystick depression 1.5
  2. Blue: Changjiu
    Load at the beginning of joystick lever depression: 1.5
    Load when joystick is fully depressed: 1.5
  3. Yellow: Short hardness
    1.3 times the load at the beginning of joystick toppling
    Double the load when joystick is fully depressed
  4. Red: Lengthhard
    Load at the beginning of joystick toppling2
    Load when joystick is fully depressed2

E-ring JLF-E

Five E-rings JLF-E are included separately, available in case of loss or severe metal fatigue.

Detailed description image by Sanwa Denshi

To Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Series Custom parts set for JLF lever JL-C-ALL Installation Method

Prepare JLF-TP-8YT series joystick.

Remove the shaft cover and dust washer.

Start working from the reverse side.

Remove the main guide GT-8F.

Remove the switch substrate TP-MA.

Remove the E-ring JLF-E.
To remove the E-ring, refer to the video below. A dedicated tool is best, but a small flat-blade screwdriver can also be used.

Remove actuator JLF-P-5.

Remove the spring JLF-SP.

Install springs of your choice.

Install the P.S. pipe actuator of your choice.

Install E-ring JLF-E.

Install the guide of your choice.

Install the shaft cover, dust washer, and lever ball to complete.

Recommended custom templates

Purple spring + Blue actuator + Purple guide

Old style lever style.
This is a custom reproduction of the levers of the 80's and early 90's.
In the old days, only round guides were available, and the setting is slightly stiffer.
You can imagine SC-19, Aero City, and orange casing.

Purple spring + red actuator + clear guide square direction

Reproduction of early 80's 4-way lever.
Stiffness at the beginning of use and setting that does not require diagonal input.

Blue spring + blue or red actuator + red guide

This is a setting for 2D fighting games in general, especially for STREET FIGHTER V.
The red guide makes diagonal inputs easier to understand, and the blue spring speeds up the return.
Blue or red actuator to speed up the return.
This setting makes it easy to fine-tune the walking guard and line.
The blue or red actuator, which is related to the input depth, can be selected according to your preference.

Blue spring + Blue actuator + Blue guide

This setting is for 2D fighting games, especially the KOF series.
It makes it easy to see if the diagonal input of 2369 is being made from a dash, etc.
It also makes it difficult to input 623 incorrectly, since the 6 part of the input can be detected.
In addition, the 2141236 and 2363214 commands can be easily turned downward.
The sideways direction is set up so that it is easy to turn too far to prevent jumps from being misdirected.
The blue actuator is set to
Redactuator than theWith the commands 2141236 and 2363214, the
This is to make it more difficult to slant out of the way.
If you are confident in your input accuracy, you can use the red actuator.

Red spring + Black actuator + Yellow guide

This is a setting for 3D fighting games, Tekken, and VF.
Red spring for quick return to neutral, and
Black actuator for wide use of neutral, and
Yellow guide for easy understanding of oblique input, and
The butt top makes it easy to use for mountain stepping, etc.

That's all for now.
You can change the settings according to your preference and the title you play.