How to replace and install HitBox nylon rivets

In this issue, we would like to describe how to replace and install the nylon rivets of hitBOX.

Necessary tools

Nothing in particular, but it is easier if you have something hard to push out the pin, such as the tip of a screwdriver.

What you should never do

Do not insert the nylon rivets before separating them, or they will be damaged.
Never do this.

Installation Method

Prepare the hitBOX.
Buttons are removed for the purpose of photography.

Turn inside out.

Check the 6 + screws on the back side and remove them.

Remove the back cover and locate the rivets.

Check the 10 nylon rivets that are originally attached. The white protrusion in the middle should be all the way out.

Press the prongs with a hard object to push the rivets out.
You will see that the protrusions are gone as shown in the photo.

The rivet is sticking out of the top plate on the front side, so pull it out.

This is the state in which the rivet has been pulled out.

If the rivet is pushed in completely, it can be pulled out with the rivet separated.

Prepare the rivet to be replaced.
In this case, to make it easier to see that they have been replaced, use the rivets sold in our store.Nylon rivets for HitBox, black (set of 10)"(set of 10)" sold in our shop is used for this replacement.

Nylon Rivet for HitBox Black (Set of 10)

Nylon rivets for HitBox, black (set of 10)is a set of 10 pieces in this form.

First, separate all nylon rivets.
Please be sure to do this operation. If you try to force the rivets to be installed without separating them, they will beIf you try to install it without separating the rivets, it may cause damage to the acrylic and rivets.

Prepare the acrylic panel, Hitbox body, and nylon rivets.
If artwork is to be inserted, please prepare artwork as well.

Align the rivet holes of the acrylic panel, artwork, and main body tightly.

Attach a pipe with rivet holes to the aligned rivet holes.

All 10 holes should beInstall the pipe, making sure to insert the rivets all the way in.
Failure to do so may cause damage to the rivets.

Insert the rivet pin.
At this time, do not insert the rivet pins all the way to the back, but temporarily fasten all 10 rivet pins.

After all 10 rivet pins are temporarily fixed, insert the rivets one after the other until they are all the way in.

All 10 locations are inserted all the way to the back.

Install the button and fasten the 6 + screws on the back side to finish the work.
Thank you for your hard work.