Assembly Guide





Parts Guide

Description of parts required for assembly.

PCB Bord

The PCB Bord manufactured by Brook is required.
Click hereYou can purchase it from here.


20pin joystick/button harness or Brook Fighting Board Cable
Either one is required.
If you are using the 20-pin joystick/button harness4-Pin L3/R3/Touchpad Button Harnessis also required.

For the All Button layout, you will needConversion harness for 5-pin All-Button or One additional Brook Hitbox Cable is also required.

USB Mounter

USB C to A Mount Jack or one mounter such as NEUTRIK is required.
This is needed to connect the PCB Bord to the main unit.

USB cable

To connect PCB Bord to USB Mount Jack or NEUTRIK, you will need either a USB2.0 A to B cable 25cm
or USB 2.0 A to B right angle cable 50cm One of the following is required
If the A to B cable is 25cm or longer, it is fine.

If you are using the USB C to A Mount Jack
You will need one USB A to USB C cable of USB 2.0 or higher to connect the main unit to a game console, PC, etc.
If you have one for charging smartphones or other devices, you can use it.

Action Buttons
Both snap-in and screw type are available.

Optional Buttons
Since the thickness of the acrylic panel to be installed is 5mm, the screw type is recommended.
It is also possible to install the screw type, but it may be easier to pull out depending on the brand used.

In addition, a lever is required for Fightstick.

About acrylic panels

Due to the nature of acrylic, it has low resistance to alcohol and other chemicals.
Do not use alcohol solvents when cleaning the product.
Also, be aware that the acrylic may be damaged if dropped or subjected to excessive impact.