Shipping charges

Shipping charges vary depending on the product.
In addition, for overseas delivery, it depends on the combination of products purchased.
Additional charges may apply due to changes in package size and other factors.

If an item is returned due to an incomplete address, a separate shipping fee will be charged for resending the item.

Please be careful not to make a delivery address mistake.

Shipping Method

The shipping method you can choose depends on your location.
If there is more than one possible shipping method, you can choose one at checkout.
The following three delivery methods are handled.
*As of January 2023

DHL Express
Japan Post

Amount of compensation

Damage or loss due to shipping accidents will be covered by the shipping company's insurance.
The amount of compensation by insurance depends on the method of transportation.

DHL Expres
1,Invoice price of damaged goods
2, Amount of compensation based on weight conversion
Whichever amount is lower will be the amount of compensation.

Japan Post
Up to 20,000 JPY is guaranteed as the basic guarantee.
The amount of the guarantee can be increased by paying an additional fee.

Guaranteed up to 6,000 yen

Days to delivery

In-stock items will be shipped 1-3 business days after order is placed.
(Excluding Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and our designated days.)
For custom-ordered items, please see below.

7-10 business days for cases only
Please allow approximately 14 business days for pre-assembled products.

Artwork Print & Cut
After receiving your order, the designer will check the data.
If the data is correct, the work will be completed in about 3 business days and then shipped.
Please allow approximately 3 to 5 business days.

Acrylic top panel
We will ship your order in about 2~3 business days after receiving your order.

Returns and Refunds

In principle, we do not accept refunds or returns for customer convenience.
However, as stated in the Terms of Use, we will respond only in the following cases

If the product has an initial defect
When a different type or number of products from those ordered have arrived 

We do not accept returns or refunds for custom-ordered fight sticks, artwork, or acrylic tops under any circumstances after the order has been placed.
(except for postal accidents).

For other products, if you find any defects within 2 weeks of receipt
Please contact us using the Contact Us form with your order number and a detailed description of the problem.
We will promptly issue a refund.
If you wish to exchange the product, we can exchange it at your shipping cost if it is shipped overseas.