Describes the options for ordering artwork.

Insert cut or not

This is the choice of whether or not the red portion of the image needs to be cut.
Even if "NO" is selected, the button insertion hole itself will be cut.
This question asks if the inside of the button should be cut out.
If you do not need it, please select NO, in which case the insert cutout will not be included in the product.
This option is to reduce the burden on our work staff.

If you select "YES," please select the manufacturer of the button you wish to use next.
It will be optimized for the selected manufacturer.

Uploading Artwork

Upload the artwork file created using the template.
The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 200 MB.
Supported file formats are PSD (recommended), PNG, TIFF, PDF, and JPG.

Do you drill screw holes for ○○?

This option exists only for some artwork prints.
If it is the default selection, it will remain the default (manufacturer standard).
If you wish to change it, select "NO".

About Paper

Matte paper is selected as standard.
Paper specifications are as follows.

Matte paper
Base: Specialty paper Thickness: 220µm Surface: Matte Whiteness: 93
High whiteness exclusive paper with firm thickness

Semi-gloss paper
Base: Photographic paper Thickness: 295µm Surface: Semi-gloss Whiteness: 100
Thick, high whiteness photographic paper base

Top: Semi-gloss Bottom: Matte